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Image Supply Dealers and Certifications

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Professional Auto / Marine Detailing

image supply, inc. offers a complete line of high quality auto & marine detailing products.

The professional detailing system consolidates & cleans up cluttered, messy, and excessive aerosols, quart bottles, gallon jugs, and pails! Our organized system is designed to save space, and reduce loss thru managing chemical use in a more professional, efficient manner. We formulate & manufacture our products right here in the USA. Tested and used by professional detailers, dealerships, collectors and enthusiasts.

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Professional-Grade Automotive & Marine Detailing Chemicals

  • Interior detailing
  • Exterior detailing
  • Polishes, waxes, and sealers
  • Wheel and tire care

Detailing Supplies

Professional-Grade Detailing Supplies:

  • Brushes... all types
  • Compounding & Polishing Pads
  • Pads, Sponges, & Misc. Tools
  • Spray Bottles, Specialty Trigger Sprayers & all types of Propotioning Equipment

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Chariot™  iScrub 20" Disc Scrubber

Chariot™ iScrub 20" Disc ScrubberMore Productive, More Maneuverable, & Easier To Use than any other 20" scrubber.

  • 50% more productive than a conventional 20" walk-behind scrubber
  • Unparalleled visibility al lowing safe operation in congested areas and small spaces
  • Extremely maneuverable with a 48" turn radius
  • Unique pivoting squeegee with Aqua-mizer™ Technology provides 100% water pick-up, even in turns, on a variety of surfaces. Requires no adjustment by  the user and is easy to remove and clean.

Chariot™  iScrub 22" Cylindrical Scrubber…  Coming Soon!

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Chariot iVac 24" and 34" All Terrain Vacuums

Chariot iVac 24" and 34" All Terrain Vacuums A high performance, multi-surface cleaning HEPA stand-on vacuum designed for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors.
In applications where a sweeper, wide-area vacuum or dust mop can be used, the Chariot iVac ATV HEPA vacuum series is all you need!

  • Vacuums carpet, tile, wood, concrete, stone, rubber, VCT.
  • HEPA filtration standard.
  • Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility.
  • Quieter than a traditional wide-area vacuum with the same pick-up and performance.
  • Vacuumized hopper system captures large debris, preventing clogs.
  • Simple, intuitive control panel.
  • Universal counter-rotating brushes for use on all floor surfaces and easy no-tool removal.

The Chariot iVac 24" ATV comes standard with 10' hose and hand tools for off-aisle cleaning, and a convenient on-board tool storage compartment.

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Filmop Products

To lead the industry in the quality level of products

Filmop ProductsFilmop was founded in the early nineteen seventies for the specialized production of manual equipment and common tools for the industrial cleaning sector. Filmop distributes its products through a wide range of specialized dealers all over the world in Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Today, Filmop is one of the  leading companies in the sector and capable of offering the most complete range of products that have been widely well accepted thanks to their unquestionable quality and exceptional reliability. Filmop produces mops, string mops, frames, multi–use carts, differentiated waste collection bins, and window cleaning equipment.


Filmop Products

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New Air Care Products

Pro-Link's Air Care Systems make sure your facility smells fresh and clean!

Pro-Link New Air Care Products

Unpleasant smells can make any facility appear dirty, no matter how clean it actually is. Pro-Link offers a full line of Air Care Systems for all facility sizes – from small to large. Using our high performance, durable solutions assures your tenants and visitors have an outstanding experience. Choose the proper solution for your facility.

StandardAire – Standard Metered System, up to 700 square feet
DiffuseAire – Environmentally Preferred Continuous Air System, up to 60 days!
GrandAire – Large Space Continuous Fragrance Delivery System, up to 2100 square feet!
PureAire – Air Purifying System, up to 600 square feet

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Squar Scrub

The EBG-20/C Surface Preparation Machine!

Pro-Link New Air Care Products

The EBG-20/C Surface Preparation Machine features a smooth 3450 rpm motor, 50-foot 14 gauge power cord with lighted hospital grade plug, weighs in at 158 pounds and is versatile enough to provide total floor preparation solutions. The 6”x2” non-marking wheels and ball bearings are coupled with a 3/4” axle for greater mobility. The 20/C includes removable weights and a Dust Containment Kit. An optional two-piece handle and hour meter are also available.

Dust Containment Kit: Included .

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